Sunday, 31 January 2010

Life in a Glass Pond ..Just a thought

I have already written something similar in my past blog's too

A fish in a pond.. no no she is in the sea (the queen to ocean..).. no no....actually she is in a glass pond (poor fish)... a big one ... haaaaaaaa na na(no)... ok then a small one....don't know....

life in a pond.... What?
it is in a glass pond.... Are you drunk!
not really a glass pond but an invisible pond...Oh Boy! you are gone complet mad!
no no....may be...:-D....
actually it is in pond but not made of glass, a make of invisible is!

I think, some one must be watching us as we watch fishes in a fish pond. Taking good care of us by sending little and big surprises on timely basis.

Fish is in a lake, no no.. she is in a river, no no.. she is in sea.. come on can not you see she is in ocean....!!!

now think again.. life in a vilage, no no.. it is in a town, no no..... it is in a city... come on can not you see it is in a Metropolitan.

Now I will let you think for a while and will come back with more examples and comparison in future.. of course suggestions are always welcome.

I know you do not believe in what I am saying but that is alright not many people can understand what I am talking about in this blog and I do not care either... thanks for reading anyway. ...;-) you will soon develop the taste for my type of writing.

First post titles as "First Learn to Dream"

Hello my reader, I am talking to you. you the one who is currently reading it. This is my first post on this blog. I used to write one but then I discounted it, do not ask me why, God only can answer that question.

Ok the title of today's post is "First Learn to Dream"

What, Oh my God! did I just say that first we need to learn how to dream. I guess I did! well why on earth did I say that. You must also be thinking that is he insane, does he even know that one does not need to learn or infact you can not learn how to dream. Dreams will find there on way in your sleep while you would be unconsciously relaxing and trying to regain the lost energy.

But my friend everything in this world we achieve was someone's dream one day. It only came into existence because someone dreamed about it. I am more talking about conscious state of mind where mind can think and plan. Can plan that what it needs to achieve in next xyz time/years. We have the tools in hand to make that dream a success one day. When a solution architect thought of a solution for a given problem domain, he/she only dreamed till the time it gets fulfilled and once it got fulfilled it was not a dream anymore. All of us can experience it. Therefore always remember that you must dream big so that one day it could be your reality. And that day you would smile and say that yes I dreamed about it. Yes, I know how to dream!