Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Back on blogging almost after a year today. Last one year has been a fairly busy for me and this year I promised myself to take more time for doing things that matters to me and to my family and friends.

I will write a lot about past year in another post. This post is dedicated to my new domain name which I just registered called www.grabthatdeal.co.uk. This came after a lot of consideration and thinking, I was thinking of launching and trying affiliate program and Grab That Deal was one of the names which struck through. I tried registering this domain a few times in past but decided to take the first step and booked it today. I spoke to myself and decided that if I do not start I will never be able to get it. At least I will move somewhere with this start now rather then not been able to progress at all without any ground work.

What is this website all about - this website will be more about bringing end user the best of the market deals available in whatever goods or services they would like to buy. To start with, this website will only concentrate on technology sector and thats to limited to Telecom part of it for now for the first phase development and marketing. The second phase will see more of the inclusion of home entertainment systems along with personal computers driven deals.

Aim - Aim is to make it the website a consumer can trust and buy from without any doubts or hesitation. I aim to hit my first mile stone before end of this year. This will include from website content creation, corporate links and bringing this in consumer’s attentions. This site also plans to run loyalty type of programs in long run but has no plans of implementing such type of offering for the first phase.

Good Causes - The website has also plans to spend 10% of its profit for good causes and has already selected its charity of the year. The charity of the year for this year will be Friends of Salaam Baalak Trust (http://www.friendsofsbt.org/). Please visit them to find out more about this charity.

More to be followed soon.